Suggested hotels

With following 2 hotels under, arrangements have been made to foresee a number of rooms for the conference, please mention ‘REHVA-ATIC arrangement’ when checking in, in order to get the conference discount. Obviously you are free to take any other hotel, for your information and convenience, see link to ‘'.

Transport Info

The venue for most of the Rehva meeting days (MAI) is near stations Baljuw (tram/metro) and Vleurgat (bus).

The venue of the Rehva Atic Welcome Drink (MAGRITTE MUSEUM) is near the central station of Brussels (bus/train ..)

The conference venue (TRAIN-WORLD), is near the station of Schaarbeek (train/bus). 

For all locations several lines can be used to reach the destination.

Meetings & Conference Venues

imageplusmapMAI - rue Washington 40 - B-1050 Brussels
TRAIN WORLD - Prinses Elisabethplein - B-1030 Brussels

21 - 23 April 2018

1. MAI - Rue Washington 40 - B-1050 Brussels
2. Train World - Prinses Elisabethplein
B-1030 Brussels
3. Magritte Museum - Koningsplein 1
B-1000 Brussels
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