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    The Royal Association of Heating, Ventilation and Climate Control Technology, abbreviated ATIC, unites persons who, during their professional activities in the field of "heating, ventilation and air conditioning", are involved in study agencies, administrations, schools, research & development, control organizations or companies that manufacture, install or sell thermal material. For more info, www.atic.be.


    REHVA is the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations representing a network of more than 100.000 engineers from 27 countries. 


    It is also the professional pan-European organization dedicated to the improvement of health, comfort and energy efficiency in all buildings and communities. For more info, www.rehva.eu.


21 - 23 April 2018

1. MAI - Rue Washington 40 - B-1050 Brussels
2. Train World - Prinses Elisabethplein
B-1030 Brussels
3. Magritte Museum - Koningsplein 1
B-1000 Brussels
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